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Start Up in Boss Key mode


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Hi Friends,

I'm using utorrent 1.8.2 and I want to set utorrent so that it startsup as Hidden (as in the Boss Key Mode) when ever the system is started / re-started. I found the following information from the site but I'm not able to figure out how to use this feature / enable this. It will be a great help if somebody can kindly guide me here on this.

19. How can I make µTorrent start in bosskey mode?

(1.5.1 beta 460 and later) Add /HIDE to the shortcut/path. Make sure you've set a bosskey beforehand, otherwise you will have to end the process and start it again without /HIDE to access it.

Where in utorrent do I add /HIDE ? I mean what is the shortcut/path to which /HIDE is to be added. I have already set up the bosskey. Also is this feature only available in the BETA versions or can I make it work in the version that I'm using - 1.8.2 ?

Kindly forgive my ignorance friends - I'm really new to this. Please guide me in simple steps on how I can activate this feature.

Thanks a lot for the help...

Regards and Care


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