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Speed/Seeding question


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It looks a bit like my speeds have gone up since I started seeding(which I understand is the way MT works?)

In order to share do I need to a) leave completed torrents in the list and allow them to seed or is it just a case of B) having a reasonable u/l limit?

If the answer is a)then how many files should I leave in there?

Wont leaving too many affect my u/l and d/l capacity?



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Network options. Alternate upload limit when not downloading. Default is 0 = unlimited.

Torrent options. Max active torrents. How many torrents you want to run simultaneously. The more torrents you run, the less bandwidth you give to each torrent, the longer it takes to reach your share ratio for each torrent.

Seeding priority. Seed until x%, x being the amount of data you want to give back. 100% means you give back the same you got. That's a good share ratio to begin with but if you feel more generous, you can increase that to whatever you want.

I normally run only one torrent at a time whether I'm downloading or seeding and I set my upload speed to maximum capacity of my connection to seed more quickly.

Read the FAQ and the forum stickies for more information about all the other options.


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