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annoying click noise in vista whenever utorrent is running


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I'm not sure this is a problem with utorrent or another program that is triggered when utorrent runs.

I hear a *click* noise every several seconds when utorrent is running on my computer. I've tried temporarily disabling my firewall and antivirus as well as ad-aware to see if that was related but the sound persists.

I also tried to find out if it was a system sound by going into sounds and listening to all the .wav files that are active right now. It didnt seem to match any.

So far the only thing that can seem to make the sound stop is closing utorrent. Is this something anybody has experienced? Am I missing something glaringly obvious?

I'm running 64 bit Vista, and the click noises started recently but have increased in frequency until they're nearly every other second now. Any and all suggestions would be lovely, its driving me insane!

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