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Why only x seeders/peers connected out of larger swarm?


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I'm not sure if this is the right forum so please bear with me.

I've installed µTorrent on my machine in the basement so it can keep running overnight and told my router to pass every traffic on the port to the IP on this machine. As a result I get a "Network OK" message in the status bar. However, I'm feeling left out somehow cause even on non-private torrents not too many ppl of a swarm seem to be connectiong to me. E.g., one torrent looks like this:

Seeds 9 of 31 connected (243 in swarm)

Peers 2 of 34 connected (153 in swarm)

DHT 249 peers

Since I'm on crappy ADSL which means 16 KB up and 128 KB down and I use VoIP I've limited my global uplod to 7 KB and my

maximum nuber of active torrents to 2 and max connected peers/torrent to 30. How come there's not more ppl of the swarm connecting? Also, I'm not to sure what 'Number of upload slots per torrent' really means. Any info is appreciated. Thx.

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