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µTorrent 1.1.4


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The wait is over! 1.1.4 is here at last! Boasting many fixes and improvements, it should now behave well with many firewall/antivirus combinations. Also, the language pack will be available for download soon. Go get it!

- Fix: Switch to vurlix's icon

- Fix: Changed default port to 32459

- Fix: Decrease about box sound volume to 50%

- Fix: Center several dialogs on the screen.

- Fix: Set the connect-to-tracker-on-exit timeout to 10 seconds instead of 60

- Fix: Show 100% for zero byte files.

- Fix: Missing OleInitialize from directory browser.

- Fix: Some missing translations.

- Feature: Superseed.

- Feature: Send no_peer_id=1 to tracker.

- Fix: Rename button in create torrent dialog to Cancel/Close depending on state.

- Fix: Replaced 'Create and start sharing' with a checkbox and fixed so it actually works.

- Feature: Don't play the sound unless you click on the uTorrent icon in the about box.

- Feature: Store peers in resume file.

- Fix: Resolve Peer Ips option is now instant.

- Feature: Don't include forced jobs in seed queue computations.

- Fix: Flags field in the UI sometimes said U incorrectly.

- Feature: Ban clients that result in too many hashfails.

- Feature: If you are adding a new torrent, check if the data has already been downloaded to the completed folder.

- Fix: Crash when adding torrent for some languages.

- Feature: Added logger window.

- Fix: Use system's default character set when creating font objects. Fixes some strings not displaying correctly in translations

- Fix: Use the system's window text color in the general detail tab

- Fix: any/all in seed priority were reversed.

- Change: Use WsaEventSelect() instead of select(). (Should get rid of Select() error)

- Fix: Fix crash bug for some tracker replies

- Change: Show scrape info only on the generals tab. Show internal list info in the list.

- Feature: Load announce-list.

- Feature: Added relevance column in peer view, shows how interesting the peer is.

- Feature: Don't allow connect to self.

- Fix: Be somewhat smarter when detecting if a torrent has already been downloaded to a location.

- Fix: Move completed torrents didn't work right, torrents would get lost on restart.

- Change: Unchoker will behave as if it's seeding when nothing is being downloaded.

- Feature: Submit utorrent version number in crashdumps.

- Feature: The %-done counter now doesn't include skipped pieces.

- Feature: Include version number in HTTP requests.

- Fix: File associate function didn't cleanup properly from BitComet.

- Feature: Show blocks that have been downloaded but not yet written to disk in a different color.

- Feature: Include incomplete pieces in the resume state.

- Fix: Produce better error dumps.

- Fix: Window wasn't maximized on startup.

- Feature: Auto load torrents from a specified directory.

- Change: Redesigned generals tab.

- Feature: Added option to limit # of connections for computers with unpatched SP2.

- Feature: Connect to tracker again if we don't have enough peers in the internal list.

- Fix: Seeder priority now works right if you've skipped some pieces.

- Feature: If there is no default download folder, remember the last chosen folder when asking where to save torrents.

- Feature: Added option to log peer traffic.

- Change: Switch to Determination's status icons.

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The 1.1.4 language pack is now available and includes support for:

* Bulgarian by Nickolay

* Chinese Simplified by Dark

* Chinese Traditional by Hin

* Chinese (Taiwan) by noir

* Czech by krytak

* Danish by Nineball

* Finnish by TooLeet

* French by Serge Paquet

* German by Istrebitjel

* Greek by PowerThunder

* Italian by DeathPilot

* Norwegian by Martin

* Polish by MaV

* Russian by Lexus

* Spanish (Latin American) by Matías E. Palomeque and corrections by Chrono79

* Swedish by Ludvig Strigeus

* Turkish by sedat guzel

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