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protocol control by prioritizing seeding & FIFO element.

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it probably should be considered, adopting a concept of giving a ratio of 1:1 to downloaders, as an option through the client to share an healthier connection -

while peers get more advanced with they're download (by timing element), seeding is prioritized to those ones allowing them with better download speeds.

this should (might) be implemented by the connection capacity of the peers and those, would create equality within the swarm relative to the sharing rate of the participants..

at the beginning, each peer will be recieving a low Dl speed, compared to his/hers Ul rate at a 1:1 ratio, and with time, as new seeders approach (full seeders), connection becomes faster, more traffic goes towards the older peers, allowing them with better Dl speeds.

this should (might) be made sychronally with an algorithem, which is palying a roll of a traffic light, stating, who will get better speed, by his/hers upload speed and how much time they spend withing the swarm,

it seems, that it might put an end to many different conflicts regarding the protocol abuse by people who do not share a fare ratio and just download and drop the swarm when they finish..

this seems to be the only solution, not that it should concern, the "Utorrent" programmers, and it is also, a bit comanistic.


while VDSL technology is being implemented, symmetric connections are becoming more possible, it is already implemented in few countryies around the world,

when it will spread,

it would be a breakthrough, the Bittorrent protocol was (or might say,should've been) waiting for,

servers and clients will send&recieve information, at the same time those making it possible for initial seeding to work, the connection, will become sychronic and harmonic,

the upper subject is irrelevant due to that, there is no fast way around without harming anyone,

it is now, only a matter of time.

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