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Switching from Azureus to µTorrent (seeding)


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Ok, I'm fairly well versed in Azureus and just wanted to switch over to µTorrent and seed for a while to see how well it works. So far the seeding part of it has given me a little trouble...

My question:

Is there a way to use the following folder system for downloading and seeding in µTorrent:

DOWNLOAD TO: ..\[unsorted]\

MOVE COMPLETED TO: ..\[unsorted]\[Completed]\

SEED COMPLETED FROM: ..\[unsorted]\[Completed]\

SEED NEW TORRENTS FROM: ..\[unsorted]\[uploads]\

The first three are really a no brainer and work fine in either app. The last is the problem. I save my new uploads in there so that I don't have to look through them every time I'm sorting out my completed downloads. In AZ all I have to do is put some files in the uploads folder and make a new torrent. AZ will save the .torrent file in the uploads folder, and if I add a file for seeding from there.. it doesn't look to the default download folder first like µTorrent does; it looks in the folder where the .torrent file has been loaded from.

This was my main problem switching over to µTorrent. When loading my .torrents from the uploads folder, it would start downloading in the unsorted folder first, not realizing I had these files already. If I stopped the torrent and switched the default download location to the uploads folder and forced a re-check, it still would not recognize the files. The only way I can get it to seed is to copy/move the files to the default download folder and load the .torrent file. µTorrent then recognizes the files there and proceeds to check them, afterwhich it promptly moves them to the completed folder for seeding. This is problematic due to all of the moving around of files.. and lack of organization. Surely µTorrent is smarter than this :)

So I'd like to know if I will be able to keep my folder scheme using µTorrent, because the app is so tiny and powerful - I'd be heart-broken if I could not switch to it and keep my happiness ratio at 1.0 or above ;-)

If this is not possible, I'd like to submit this as a future feature.

Thanks peeps!


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I had to secure my name in the proper form.. I'm not sure why I thought the Mu character would not be allowed in usernames, but in the industry 'u' is typically easier to type for documentation. I saw a few 'µUSERNAMES' in the userlist after my post though.. ^_^

EDIT¹: I hope this doesn't count as a double-post ;) teehee.

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