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Trouble portforwarding with Utorrent


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I am running Vista home edition. What I have done so far:

- Set up a static ip using the preferred settings from cmd -> ipconfig /all

- Gone to my router (Linksys WRT160N) and opened a port using my set static ip address.


- Opened Utorrent (v 1.8.2), went to preferences -> connection. Set the port as the port I want (43594). Unchecked UPnP and randomize port, but have NAT-PMP and Add Firewall Exception checked.

- Windows Firewall is OFF

- Windows Live OneCare is on, but I have gone to advanced settings and made sure Utorrent is allowed as well as going to ports and protocols and allowing my port (43594) through WLOC.

- My computer has no more installed firewalls.

Is there anything that I am missing?

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What modem are you using? As well, make sure you set your computer's static IP address to be outside of the router's DHCP range. In general, Linksys routers use a default DHCP range of *.100 - *.149 (so an IP address outside of that range would be something like *.50), though you'll want to confirm the range in the router configuration somewhere.

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I am using a Webstar DPC2100v2 modem. It then connects into a Vonage VDV21-VD, which connects into my Linksys WRT160N. I just tried chain port forwarding them, but to no avail so far. I'm about to go double check to make sure I did nothing wrong.

My computer's static IP address is out of that range. If it helps...





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