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uTorrent + BTGuard trouble connecting to peers


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Hey I just registered on BTGuard to use as a proxy since I'm on a university connection (torrents blocked by our ISP)

Problem is the torrent tracker info will show up in uTorrent, however it will never be able to connect to them.

I set up all the proxy addresses correctly on uTorrent, unblocked it from Windows Firewall, and I keep getting error messages.

I know the torrent i'm trying to download is good and many people are seeding it.

I'm getting this error message:

[12:09:06] UPnP: Received invalid query from UPnP device

and in Tracker Statuses it either says:

Connection closed by peer OR

Proxy Error: Other Error

Could it be something to do with my university connection, even though I'm using a proxy? I've gotten torrents to work before using other proxy's, just extremely slowly.

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