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Saving Torrents/request Where To Save?


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I used to request to download a torrent and I would get a box asking me what I wanted to do with the torrent: save it, open it with the selected application etc, I accidentally clicked 'save' but the box that says 'always do this with this type of application' or similar was ticked, now my torrents are automatically saved in my download folder and the torrent doesn't start to download unless I actually go to the downloads folder to start it manually - another thing that happens is that my torrents are stored in 2 different places: in my DL folder and in my requested torrent save folder - any ideas how I can get the old pop-up stylde box back?

Hope someone understands my problem and can help :(

EDIT/ I've found it! What an edjit :D

For anybody else with this problem, you need to go into firefox tools - options - applications - then find the torrent file 'content type' then select which application to open it with, the old pop-up box then appears :)

Sorry for the wasted thread...

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