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How to run multiple Utorrent ? keeping the setting and torrent ?


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I had been using utorrent 1.8.I wanted to test the 1.8.3 beta since it had the UTP separately.

Wanted to install 1.8.3 in a separate location but it seem to overwrite my current 1.8.

It overwrite the utorrent folder at %application Data% .I can't figure out how to run it independently and I went reading utorrent FAQ but cannot find any topic related on running multiple utorrent.

Can someone guide me how to do it ? since I wanted to test this latest utorrent 1.8.3 beta or maybe 1.9 beta version and the installation is bit more different where utorrent 1.8.3 need to install the ASK toolbar.

Any help will be appreciated.Thank you

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Sorry I dont understand.

1.Create a new folder Let say ( c:/program files/utorrent_2/ )

2.Put the utorrent exe (utorrent-1.8.3-beta-15358.upx.exe) to ( c:/program files/utorrent_2/ )

3.Copy the setting.dat , resume.dat and torrent files from %application data% utorrent% and put into ( c:/program files/utorrent_2/ )

4.Then what should I do ?

OR - Make a short cut for utorrent-1.8.3-beta-15358.upx.exe to the desktop by adding ("C:/program files/utorrent_2/utorrent-1.8.3-beta-15358.upx.exe" /RECOVER )

OR - Just just run the utorrent-1.8.3-beta-15358.upx.exe directly from (C:/program files/utorrent_2/utorrent-1.8.3-beta-15358.upx.exe) and let it install ?

Thank you.:)

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