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I've followed several guides and used a few programs to forward port 57272 on my computer so I can use uTorrent with it, but they have all failed.

I still have the yellow ! in the status bar of utorrent, no matter what I am doing, and I cannot access the WebUI.

Can someone give me detailed instructions of what to do? Or maybe I'm missing something in uTorrent's settings? I searched here on the forums but I didn't find anything that changed the status of the port (I also did a port scan, which said every port is closed)

I have Comcast, ESET Smart Security, Windows Vista SP1 x86, and a DLink 704P router


those are my settings

sorry if this is a dumb question, I just became introduced to port forwarding today when I tried to set up the WebUI so I could used TorrentFu on my G1

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