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Speed keeps turning on and off, but last load went at 35kB


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So, my first load had some problems, yes, but, towards the end it got pretty fast, I think, like avg. of 25-35 kB.

So, I start to download another .avi . Same site. This one is getting speeds of 3.5and below, sometimes even .01kB. The pattern goes like 3.5......2....1.5....1.4...1.3....1..... .8... .7..... .5...... .1.....and then poof, the speed turns off.

About a minute later the speed turns back on again..but the same thing happens, starts around 3 dwindles down to 0, pattern starts again.

It's been about 2 hours since I started and I'm only at about .6%. And now its going from 1 to 0 to 1 to 0 and so on.

I've looked at just about all the help guides but as far as port forwarding and connection type I'm still baffled as to what to put.

I have:

*In the Speed Guide*

Upload Limit: 35.0 kB/s

Connections (per torrent): 80

Max Active Torrents: 3 (Only have 1 at the moment)

Upload Slots: 150

Connections (Global): 230

Max Active Downloads: 2 (Only have 1 at the moment)

My Current port is: 12116, but when-ever I test it the window always says, "Sorry, Error, isn't forwarding right", something along those lines.

*Under Preferences > Bandwidth*

Global Download Rate [0: Unlimited]: (It's on 0)

Maximum connected peers per torrent: 80 (Still unsure of what a "peer" or what a "seed" is...)

Number of Upload slots per torrent: 150

*I Have the box "Use additional upload slots if upload speed < 90%" checked

*Under Preferences > Connection*

Under "Listening Port" all boxes checked except for "randomize port each start"

"Proxy Server" -None-

I Think that is all the useful information, but still, speed is very low, but the time it took me to write this whole post out I've gained bout .05%....yay

Any help would be greatly Appreciated...

OK, so I'm not going to make a new thread just to ask another question, so sorry for any bumping.

I've Started this download more than a full day ago, and I'm stuck at 29%. All the sudden, it just stopped downloading. I thought I was doing good, at one point got 60kB/s with 10 in the "Up Speed" I've been doing speed tests, and they have been coming up (on avg.) 8000download speed and around 450 for the upload (I use the "Flash 8" Speed Tester Link, I've been using the Chicago or New York Servers)

So, that seems pretty good to me, seems like from other threads I've snooped around in that is pretty good as well.

So, why has my download come to a screeching halt?

I could really use some help here...

(I'm not sure what info you guys probably need to figure this out so if you could tell me and I'll go post it then instead of shootin' in the dark with my last post, many thanks.)

Again, I could really use some help, I'm kinduh gettin a little frustrated with this download, wasn't nearly as smooth as my first one. (That took about 2 days, workin' through some weird things, but I just wish it would download faster...)

(Hopefully Someone Will See this edited part and reply to it...double posting isn't allowed on this forum, I see.... Lol.)

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