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Speed graph suggestion. Local speed readout.

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When running a torrent on multiple computers on the same local network, the speed of the local network is often faster by several factors. This makes the readout on the speed tab show high spikes on local transfer, and pretty much ruins the readout of the speed through the internet.

My suggestions.

1) Create an extra graph that shows internet speed only, and is not affected by local speed, or.

2) Make the local speed be on top of the internet speed, so that the local speed graph is behind the internet speed graph, when local transfer=0kB/s.

A related problem is when you start a torrent, witch is already running on a local computer, it downloads a maximum speed for like a minute, and creates a 100Mbit/s spike on the graph, that heavily reduces the resolution of the rest of the graph.

3) A possibility to turn of the local speed graph. (viewing internet speed only)

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