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Port blocked / unblocked - I need help on DL speeds


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I use utorrent V1.8.2.

I have a Netcomm NB6+4W modem that I think supports auto port forwarding.

I queue torrent downloads to run automatically on my off peak times. Usually the download speeds are poor and the connection icon on utorrent is either an orange exclamation mark or red port closed mark.

For the last two hours yesterday the download speeds were good but today hopeless again with port blocked (orange icon) and DL speeds slow. Is the orange port blocked icon likely to be due to the ISP or some other reason.

Today when I stopped that torrent and started to download part of a torrent from a private member site using the same incoming port setting in Utorrent, the download speed increased to the maximum of my ADSL1 plan and after a while the utorrent port icon changed from orange to the green tick OK and has stayed this way. When I restarted the non member site torrent, download speeds were faster than previously with the connection icon green and ticked.

Can anyone advise on the above and how to maximize the DL speed with Utorrent 1.8.2 on P to P and how to keep the Utorrent network connection ticked green and fully connected for best speeds.

Why would the connection icon be going orange and red rather than staying green?

Thanks all

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