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"Test if port is forwarded properly"


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Hello all.

I was using the latest utorrent BETA and had some clashes (very minor) and i jumped back by installing the stable 1.8.2 version.

Now i want to test the ports and press the "test if port is forwarded properly" button in speed guide, nothing happens.

And i'm downloading Windows 7 (pls tell me if this is also against the rules) and i'm half way through it and have about 3-4 seeders and about 2-3 leechers, but sometimes i don't get any connection at all with them. i get to see them in the peers page but no traffic.

I'm on narrowband, with XP SP3 and Zonealarm Pro and i let the firewall to allow utorrent to pass with all ticks in the exceptions.

Now it is downloading abit while i'm typing this, but sometimes it is like, dead.

Please clarify this for me.

Thank you alot!


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