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Need help - Beta and Settings interactions


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n00b here :-) Would someone please help me with seeding and torrent setting interactions?

1. I have set Queueing Ratio to <=200% and seeding time <=0

2. Marked box "limit upload rate" and set it to 0 (so torrent will automatically stop when it reaches ~2.0 ratio)

(I do know it is normal for 'forced' seeds to ignore the settings)

OK here's where I could use some help:

1. On a 'forced seed' torrent, I removed the 'forced' status by right-clicking and choosing 'start'. The new status is now plain old 'seeding', and it is not queued to seed, it is active. It was well past the requirement of 200% to stop (4.6) when I changed the status. It is now 6.3 and continues to seed? Yes I can manually stop it, no big deal, but I had expected soon after I removed the 'forced' status it would stop on its own?

2. A seeding torrent (that never had a 'forced' setting on it) had reached 1.8 ratio. I changed the Queueing setting back to <=150. The torrent continues to seed, it is now at 1.9? And another seeding torrent (also never forced) was at 1.3, it also went past 1.5 and is still seeding.

If I manually STOP any of the above torrents then 'start' them (not forced) they start up but are quickly seen as over the current ratio and are stopped again as I would expect.

If I exit uTorrent and relaunch it, the new setting is honored and the non-forced torrents over the setting do not start up.

Unfortunately due to an unexpected power outage, my machine was shut down before the non-forced torrents mentioned in #2 had reached the OLD setting of 200%. I am curious whether they would have stopped on their own when they hit 2.0? Perhaps indicating my new setting of 150% was not applied, they were still seeing 200% as the requirement?

What do I need to do differently, to make #1 and #2 behave as I expected? Or if they ARE behaving normally, would you please explain and/or point me to posts or documentation that will explain? Thanks in advance and regards,


P.S. Using XP Pro 32-bit SP3 plus nearly all post-hotfixes (critical and recommended) from m$ update

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