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Error: the system cannot find the path specified


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When I start a torrent it works for 30 seconds or so and then I get the error, the system cannot find the path specified. This problem started after I upgaded from 1.81 to 1.82.

I previously (before upgrading to 1.82) was storing the files to an external hd, but I now want to save to internal hd, so I created the folders D:\Torrent\Unfinished and D:\Torrent and using the browse buttons selected these folders as where I wanted to "put the new downloads in" and "move completed downloads to" in the Directories section of the Preferences under the Option menu.

I have tried starting the torrent several times and have, according to utorrent dl'd 5.21megs of a 502 meg file, but the%done reverts to zero after I get the error and there is no file in the D:\Torrent\Unfinished folder.

Can anyone help me?

Thank You.


Well, I fooled around and got it to work, but I'm not sure why it worked.

I right clicked on the torrent and went to advanced -> set download location... and set it the same as in Options -> Preferences -> Directory and for some reason it worked. It seems to me that it shouldn't have changed anything, but it did.

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