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Speed Limiting


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The scheduler is great and I have been using it for sometime to among other things avoid exceeding my ISP peak hour allowance but also as considerate as I am, to ensure than when seeding I don't throttle the upload and so unnecessarily affect others sharing my internet connection.

But even when I am on my own i.e. no others using my internet connection, I don't always access the internet regularly. So it is hard to configure the scheduler so that I am able to both seed at the maximum rate possible but still able to browse the internet without

a. Permanently limiting my upload speed; or

b. Manually reducing the upload speed temporarily while I am doing other things with the internet and then having to configure bandwidth back to unlimited.

So would it be possible to consider a feature which would allow uTorrent to seed (upload) at the maximum or unlimited rate but default to a slower configured speed when other activity is detected? Similar to how a screen saver is interrupted. I am sorry I don't how to better describe what I mean.

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