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Constantly checking firewall issue


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I've searched the forums as best as I could but the search options aren't the best so I wasn't able to find what I needed. Basically I can start to download something but once that download has been interrupted my bit torrent says its 'checking firewall' and does not resume the download. Obviously very annoying, I don't know if this is just a problem related to mac laptops but any help would be appreciated. I've uninstalled and re downloaded countless times.

I guess I should also add I've turned off my anti virus program. I also got a message stating, 'Message parsing failed'

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I get the same thing too. I have no AV programs running. I am using wireless home network....mine downloads about 50kb/sec but quits and goes to 0 kb/sec within three minutes. It says in the bottom right corner of the page "checking for firewall"

Please let me know if you find a solution. born2badc@hotmail.com



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