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Network Adaptor Binding


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I have a question regarding methods for binding uTorrent to only work on a specific network adaptor on my WinXP machine at home.

to lay some background for my question, At home i have two internet connections, one is a super fast Cable internet connection for general browsing which has very minimal monthly bandwidth alowance, the other is a slower ADSL line which i use for my downloads (a typical scenario for me is that i browse to Ububtu's website on the cable connection, download the torrent for the latest release into uTorrent then download ubuntu over the ADSL connection).

Under my current setup, my computer has two ethernet ports in the back of it, and i have to physically unplug the cable to my cable connection (or disable it in windows) so that uTorrent doesnt burn out my allowance on it instead of using the ADSL connection.

My question is is there any way that i can run both connections at the same time, but bind uTorrent only to the ADSL NIC so that even if both connections are enabled it wont burn out the bandwidth on my cable connection?

I have searched through the forums, but with no success. I am sure this question has come up before, and that its just a case of me using the wrong terminology in the search form. If it has, please send me in the direction of the thread :)

Thanks :)

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Preferences > Advanced >

- net.bind_ip

- net.outgoing_ip

Be sure to read the user manual's description of the two options, because there may be more to it than simply inputting the NIC IP (namely, Windows sometimes fails to honor your preference).

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