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99% Finished Download Hangs


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Hello all.

I'm new to Torrent and new to the forums here.

I did a little searching on my subject line, but nothing is helping.

I'm downloading a game and it gets to 99.9% done.....and then just basically hangs there.

On the toolbar there will be a couple of Seeds, something like 36 out of 221 peers, but then over by ETA it jumps around between days & weeks.

On searching this subject I saw something about stopping the download, right-clicking on the file and putting a "hash mark" in? When I right-click on the file, my choices are things like:

Open Containing Folder

Copy Magnet URI

Force Start




Move Up Queue


So what's this about a "hash mark"??

Also saw something about changing Folder type viewing and NOT having it as "Thumbnail".

To troubleshoot, I've downloaded other files and these come in just fine all the way up to 100%.

My Bit Torrent version is 6.1.2.

Any specific suggestions?



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