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Not Connectable all of a sudden?


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For the past few days, I had my uTorrent open seeding some of the torrents that I had downloaded. I woke up this morning and checked how my uploading was going and saw that it hadn't moved in hours. I checked my uTorrent client and noticed that I had that little red light on the bottom left saying that I was not connectable and that maybe a firewall was coming up or I needed a new port. I went to my settings (I have a mac OS X 10.5) and saw that I had no firewall set up. I clicked on the red button in the uTorrent client and said to randomize my port, which did not then lead me to any success.

I know that I didn't change any of my settings from when it worked to when it stopped working, so what should I do? I went to portforwarding.com, and all it has are a bunch of PC screen shots that are of little help. I have a netgear WPN824 that was working perfectly and getting my download/upload ratio right where it should be until last night.

If I dont get the ratio right before friday, I am kicked off my site! Help, please!

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