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ratio ~2.4


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hey everybody, greets from germany (it`s very cold here!!)

sorry 4 my bad english and 4 a new topic, too.

can anybody tell me why i have more up than downspeed? (ratio ~2.4)

my connection: down-> 3130 kBit/s up-> 406 kBit/s

Down speed: ~13 kB/s

Up speed: ~38 kB/s

Seeds: 4 (6)

Peers: 30(53)

avail.: 10.999

i`m using a router, the port 32459 are free and testet.

Statusbar: Network OK | DHT: 287 peers

I`ve tried shareaza 2.2, uTorrent 1.4, bittorrent and the other clients.

Ps: uTorrent 1.4 good job!! it`s small but fine!

greetz conteXx ( sorry, i was 2 lazy a own account reg. thanks 4 the test account ;)... )

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I hate to say this, but you are very naive if you actually believe you'd always download more than you upload. For someone to DL>UL, someone else (like you) has to be UL>DL by definition.

BitTorrent in actual operation is Socialist. Your DL does not go up in proportion to your UL. You are in the "Middle class" of BitTorrent (like me), and will see this kind of crap a lot!

That's why many people catch on and download 2+ torrents at the same time, to try to exploit this Socialist Principle - it is also one of the reasons for deliberate leechers.

In the meantime, ensure your settings look something similar to the recommendations the Speed Guide gives you for 384kbps connections (you can probably have 1-2KB higher upload limit rate).

After that, if you are really free and really desperate, you can try fiddling with the Upload Slot count for the torrent (add or subtract one slot) and see if you get lucky with the precise dynamics of your torrent (maybe subtracting one will give you enough extra upload to one of the peers that it'd prioritize you higher on the downloading list, or adding one would get you just the BIG peer with the 10MBps upload). But I won't be counting on it.

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sorry, becouse i think u don`t understand my problem.

my question is: many people has a ratio ~1 or lower, why is my ratio so high.

the other guys leech with 80kB/s or higher. and my dl speed are never higher than 20kB/s. i hope u know what i mean..

i`ve tried many clients, and much more torrents.same problem.

i`ve no problems with the speed @ seeding but also with the speed @ leeching. why?

and i`m not naive

and don`t think that i have any problems to seed my files becouse i leech from another seeders!

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Who are the other guys? Your friends that are also downloading the same torrents? Are they using the same ISP as you? What settings and clients are they using?

You've tried multiple torrents and you've tried multiple clients, and they all don't let you get over 20?

If the "other guys" are not on the same ISP and this is not a one-timer, it could be your ISP throttling you. To test this possibility, try poking around for those OpenOffice torrents, which are supposed provide near perfect torrenting conditions almost all the time.

Another possibility is that most of the other guys on your torrent are using BitComet.

Or you can be just plain unlucky so far. I've had many, many torrents where my DL was only half my UL. It is the only reason why I still have a share ratio around 1:1 - I'm not exactly the type that leaves things for seeding for eons.

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"the others" are my friends and some guys from a german board.

global max. upload rate: 35 kB/s

global max download rate: 0 (unlimited)

"The Others" use Shareaza, azerus, utorrent, org. BTC, and turbobit or similiar.

I`ve tried this clients with the same torrent files (popular torrents,too! Like open office, shareaza and 4 testing some porn movies ;) )

my problem is the shit they i won`t is ~20 GB! (195 One Piece - Episodes + 6 Movies)

i get the One Piece torrent files from a board, and the other boarduser posts their connection type and speedreport, 90% leech with 60kB/s - 90kB/s and their connection type is lower than my!

i`ve tried to use Tc/ip optimizer, patched tc/ip.sys files and many other things like bandwidth unlimiter for win XP (pro) we have a router and our other pc (win xp pro,too) have the same problems.

i`m sure that i choose the right connection typ at config --> speedreport "748912 byte got transfered in 2.07271 seconds. That's 352.852 kb/s."

the ports are correctly open for emule,shareaza,utorrent and the other shit.

thx 4 replies

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hey, can it be possible that i was confused with kB/s and kb/s? (i meanthe speedreport @ german board)

my download speed ist actually constant at 40kB/s (2 files 38kB/s | 2kB/s)

(and for a half hour the same 2 files at 18kB/s | 2kB/s)

i`m sorry 4 troubleshooting it works very good with uTorrent -> but only it works fast with uTorrent!!

and sorry again 4 my terrible (not the badest i hope) :) english..

greetz cXx

ps: i don`t know why but it works yet..

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