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Amount Downloaded in Main Window Different from Info Panel


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I'm downloading a 3.5 GB ISO file with a slow connection, so this is gonna take a while. What worries me is that the "Downloaded" and "Done" columns in the main window state that so far 518 MB or 14.7% have been downloaded, while the "Done" and "%" columns of the Info Panel's Files Tab state that 504 MB or 14.4% have been downloaded. Can anyone tell me what's up with that discrepancy? Which one of the two is correct? I hope this doesn't mean I'm going to end up with a corrupt file.

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[ul][li]Selected Size shows only the size of the torrent contents you have selected for µTorrent to download. The size of all pieces belonging to skipped files that also pass the checks will also be taken into account and added in this column.

[/li][li]Completed displays the total amount of data you have in the torrent contents that passed the hash checks, as well as any incomplete pieces currently in progress.

[/li][li]Downloaded displays the total amount of data you have downloaded, including those that were wasted or failed the hash checks.

[/li][li]Done displays the approximate percent of the torrent job that µTorrent has completed. Its value is calculated by dividing the number under the Completed column by the number under the Selected Size column. If gui.graphic_progress is enabled, µTorrent will draw a progress bar behind the percentage. If gui.piecebar_progress is enabled, µTorrent will draw a piece progress bar instead.


"Wasted" data and pieces that fail the hash checks are thrown out. Pieces that fail the hash check are redownloaded. There is no reason to worry about data being corrupt.

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