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Adminn / Standard account configuration - Vista 64bit.


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ok here goes...

I am trying to install utorrent 1.8.3 on my PC. it installs ok on my admin account with everything working well, but I cant make it work on other standard accounts despite copying the files to the folder described here:


I have tried uninstalling it and running from a standard account following the admin password prompts and trying to install it and uninstall everything a few times, but that didnt work well.

I get error messages upon exiting that resume files can not be saved due to the application running elsewhere (it isn't) or there being a full disk (it isn't). also there are no shortcuts on the desktop or icons in the system tray or of any kind after an install on a standard account?

I have taken everything off and there is no files in any "%appdata%" folders. so am ready to start again... with some help.

Basically, I would like to have this app available to all users on my PC with all the icons and shortcuts available.

I would greatly appreciate so assistance here, I am new to this system and these kinds of problems.

Thanks in advance.

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