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Slow browsing while torrents are transferring under Windows 7 RC1


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I've done some searching for this on the forums already, and have seen some similar problems, and I've gone through most of the FAQ and tried most of the options (yes, not every single one yet) just so that's out there. My problem seems to be related strictly to Windows 7 RC1, however. I've been using uTorrent for a while on a WinXP box, and have had no speed issues either related to downloading torrents or surfing the net while downloading torrents.

I recently upgraded the same machine (fresh install) to Win7 and now, when torrents are downloading, any other net connection (surfing, SSH, whatever else) just slows to a crawwwwwl. In my view that rules out the router or anything hardware-related being a problem, as it worked fine before under XP... so it seems to be some sort of Win7-related connection issue. It's almost like the connection is saturated, but not by "bandwidth" issues (the downloads aren't taking up much of my total bandwidth) -- it seems like something, somewhere has too many open connections, like a table is filling up or something and every now and then while browsing some requests eek through between torrent connection requests and the browsing eventually happens.

Sooooo I was just wondering if anyone else was experiencing similar problems with Win7?? Is there something Win7-specific that I can change beyond the things detailed in the FAQ?


Capping the upload limit at 30kB/sec seems to have solved the above problem for me. The upload speeds usually floated around there anyway, but sometimes got up into 40's or so, and implementing a cap seems to have done it for me. Browsing is plenty fast, and torrents are suitably fast as well. I don't know what the "expected" upload kB/sec is in general? Hopefully I'm not ruining the system by doing this. At any rate, hopefully this will help someone else!

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