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Vista unable to see utorrent as default torrent software


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I have a couple of issues, I am trying to setup a friends Laptop. When I try to download a torrent I am unable to open it with utorrent. I search for a torrent (mininova, isohunt etc) and select the torrent (have tried several) and try downloading the torrent and it keeps asking me to open, save or cancel. I click on open and it just keeps coming up. I click on save and it tried to save the path file to my hard drive. Cancel obviously cancels it!! He is using internet explorer 8 to download the torrent and utorrent v 1.8.3. I have made sure that utorrent is set as default torrent downloader I have also tried uninstalling/reinstalling utorrent with no luck. I also want to set aol 9.0 as his default browser for utorrent, at the moment if I search from utorrent it automatically goes via IE although aol is his default browser. Please help as I am tearing my hair out, cheers!

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