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The option "Standby when Everything Completes" is working well. But the logger is not. It doesn't log the event when it happened, but rather is shows when I wake up computer from standby. For example:

[2009-07-16 10:00:00] Stand-by computer... OK

where "2009-07-16 10:00:00" is time stamp when I computer has started to run again.

Is it possible to log the event when standby had actually occurred?

I'd like to see time stamp when standby process is initiated.

Second, is it possible to "Finish" (stop) task right before computer goes to standby?

In this case trackers will scrape the task timely. And the next time I start computer from standby uTorrent will not resume seeding again just to be stopped manually right after that... If it's done - it's done and there is no need to yank trackers and other torrent clients around at the time computer resumes from standby.

uTorrent v.1.8.3 b.15772.

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