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Windows Explorer stops working when I Open Contaning Folder


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I would expect this problem is more related to the downloaded files than to uTorrent, or to Windows, or software installed on your computer that provides services for Windows Explorer when browsing folders, for example, providing image previews/video snapshots or extended file properties (usually for media files). Corrupt/incomplete media files and files with an incorrect extension can easily expose bugs in software that reads these files to provide the mentioned information to Explorer, or possibly expose bugs in Explorer itself.

If this sounds like a possible culprit, you could try setting the option in uTorrent to name incomplete downloads with a ".!ut" extension, so Explorer/third-party add-ons don't try to read incomplete files.

You could also disable or remove third party Explorer add-ons providing these services, which might solve the issue for complete but corrupt or incorrectly named files, although you will lose the benefit of additional properties or previews they provide. These add-ons are often part of codec packages.

I'm not a uTorrent expert, just a casual user, but I suspect the issue lies outside of uTorrent itself.

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