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Not moveig torrents after finishing downloading.


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I am on utorrent 1.8.2. I have it on both XP and 2003 Server OS. Both have the same problem.

Bit if history, Utorrent had worked since I frist started using it. I save my .torrent file in c:\download

let it download and the data and torrent are moved to c:\download\finished It used to move the data and the .torrent file which is great. But I had something go wrong (not downloading my settings were messed up) so I had to uninstalled utorrent and deleted the settings file (settings.dat). Reinstalled and everything was great till a my torrents finished, it would move my data but would copy my .torrent. I have going though the settings many time but I can't get to move the torrent just copy. What settings do I need to set to make this happend

My Settings in Prefrences --> Directories are this

Location of downlaod Files

Put New downloads in: Unchecked.

Move Completed donwloads toL Checked C:\download\finihsed

Location of .torrents

store .torrents in: unchecked

move .torrents for finished jobs to: checked c:\download\finished

Automatically load .torrnets from: uncheck

Basicly I just want the c:\download to be the active download files and .torrents

the the c:\download\finished folder to have the completed files.



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