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Allow for prompt on file addition


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Hey guys - I'm a former users of the Windows version of uTorrent who finally went to a Mac-only setup.

uTorrent is behaving beautifully so far, but one thing that I do miss compared to the Windows version is that in the Windows version, when I added a new torrent I got a prompt to accept before it started downloading. This helped most specifically for torrents with multiple files when I only wanted to download a subset of them. I could uncheck what I didn't need to download and then click ok to start my partial download. I see that I can still flip files to "Do Not Download" in the Mac version, but that requires going into the files tab of the torrent after it's been added. Just takes a bit longer.

It might be nice to have a dialog available (as an option) that's similar to the Windows version.

Overall though, very good work and thanks for finally providing the Mac world with a decent Bittorrent client.

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