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Drastically dropping and increasing download speeds.


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Today I have noticed download speeds for my torrent drastically drop from 140 kB/s to 50kB/s and then back up to 120kB/s. Then again for a different torrent my download speed was 30kB/s an upload was around 20. Then all of a sudden my download speed drops to 9kB/s and upload is still at 20. Why is that the upload is higher than the download speed. Also my upload speed always stays the same but my download speeds nowdays drastically drops and increases in download speeds. Is there any definite way to increase my download speed?

The file I'm downloading has 18 of 351 seeders connected (292 in swarm). And I have 24 of 976 peers connected (609 in swarm). What does "in swarm" mean?

My speedtest:


Port number: 50864

OS: Windows XP Professional

RAM: 0.98 GB

Utorrent Version: 1.8.3

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