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website suggestion - help file link at download section


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At the download page


the first "row" is dedicated to the stable version. There you have a "change log" link, and a "language pack" link.

Then the second "row" is dedicated (again?) to the language pack, with its big "download" link.

In the "old" website design, I think I remember that near the "download stable version" link there was a link to the help manual, but maybe I'm wrong?

I know there are already several links to download the help manual in the current website design, including at the Documentation section and at the bottom of every page.

Anyway, I would like to suggest adding at the download section a link pointing to the help manual, just near the "change log" link (first "row"). It would be useful to add also the last update date to this "help file" link, like it is displayed at the documentation section or similar.

If I may, I think maybe the location should be "instead" the "language pack" link near the "change log" link, since there is already another very visible link to the language pack right there at the second "row" anyway.

Just 2c.

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