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How clean up *.!ut skipped files after retiring torrent?


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I download a bunch of multi-folder/multi-file torrent sets (0-Day packs) in which I've skipped programs of no interest to me. Typically I pre-allocate space so that I know I can get the full torrent. This spawns folders for all the program folders and files, including the ones I skipped. That's OK, but when I retire the torrent and its multiple folders/files, I've still got all the skipped folders with their files and reserved space, all ending in "!ut" to designate incomplete downloads.

My question is, what do people generally do to clean up these *.!ut files and associated folders when they put the torrent offline for archiving? At the moment, I identify all the folders with *.!ut files, and then delete them manually (I know, I could write a script). Is this it, or is there some way to prevent them being formed in the first place?

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That is a good question -- the answer to which is I don't know particularly . There's no log that I'm aware of tracking changes. I have made tweaks from time to time in these parms, but nothing recently. And on the one set that I examined I have no way of knowing whether the files existed previously.

But just so that you know that I do understand what is to happen here, I'm reexaming file sets I've retired in April, starting with 0401. In the first sets I'm looking at, the skipped files do not have associated folders (or rather, there are folders missing in comparison with the master list of folders in the 0401.nfo file). And there is the expected ~uTorrentPartFile_7CA092E5.dat file in the root of ..\0401. So far so good.

In reexamining all the April 0-day collections, they appear to be OK (exept for one, which I may have retired and then restored as part of this test, resulting in creation of duplicate files with !ut file extensions). Going back farther, to March, there are some *.!ut files but appear to be part of folders I deleted manually or skipped downloading after the download had already been started (your point above). I had a couple of notes in the file to that effect, so that was probably prior to figuring out how to properly do the skip in the first place -- which is to mount the torrent but not start it until after the skipped files have been selected.

So let's assume utorrent is working as advertised, until I can demonstrate with a better example. Or better yet, let's say works great! Thanks for your interest in helping me sort this out.

-- Roy Zider

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