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promote my torrents?


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I am a musician and I have released 6 torrent albums to mininova.. They have a number of hits, but I sure would like to know if there is a forum or something where people want to hear when I release these..? When Radiohead release one song it's front page news – so, I am a bit jealous.. ;-)

My style is happy-house.. each of my torrents has about 10 songs.. Search "noah cohn" and you've got me.. Most of what I have made is on there, including stuff yet to be released otherwise..

So – do any of you torrent heads have a secret meeting place where I can barge in and give out music? I have a couple audio forums where I hang out with other musicians, but it is kind of a limited audience..

Thanks for any suggestions!

- www.noahcohn.com

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