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Torrent ceases uploading shortly after moving files around


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I downloaded a file conisisting of multiple video files. I was watching these videos while downloading the rest of them so I wouldn't waste time. Because of this I don't think that the torrent switched locations of the completed file folder because it doesn't like to do anything while the file is in use.

I have separate locations for files in progress of downloading and completed downloads. Now the folder is stuck in the "in progress" location and my files won't upload anymore.

Only the specific example of the video folder will not upload. This has happened twice as I also downloaded the second season and did the same thing (fyi it was Code Geass, don't get nasty thoughts -.-).

Everything else will upload. Even files of the same tracker (Demonoid) will upload but only these two seasons of Code Geass will not upload.

There is a green arrow in the little box. There is no red X. I can still see peers and seeds.

Thanks for any help, I will give more information if necessary.

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