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Using utorrent 1.8.3 - Can not download ANYTHING


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Hi guys,

As stated i am using utorrent 1.8.3, I recently bought a new HDD and installed it and now wanted to put all my downloads in there. So i used the "directory" feature.

I have selected

-put new downloads in: - always show dialog on manual add


-move completed downloads to: -Append the torrents label


-Store .torrents in:


-Move .torrents for finished job to:


Now when downloading any torrents the .torrent file gets stored in the right directory, but the rest of the files are nowhere to be seen. When right clicking a download and going to "open containing folder" it takes me to my documents where there is nothing there.

The downloads do not download at all. i can see the number of seeds and peers in brackets (xxx) but never connect to any. This is only happening with new downloads. old downloads are still seeding fine.

Could someone please help me resolve this, downloading onto the C: drive isnt really an option since it is a 30-odd gig and has no space whatsoever.

Thank you,


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