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Manually change "status" in RSS Downloader


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First and foremost, I must say that uTorrent is a fantastic program and I have used it for a very long time. Almost every feature built in this incredible program is extremely intuitive, save for this one aspect.

When using RSS Downloader, I noticed that there is a "status" column that changes from "RSS" to "Previously Downloaded" once the torrent has completed. I love that I can see what I've downloaded in the past and what is waiting to be downloaded. The only time this becomes a problem though is once I've added a new RSS feed and I want to automatically download all the new files that come into this feed, but not all of the old ones.

I am wondering if it is at all possible to add a "Change Status" option for every torrent that is added by RSS. So, instead of a torrent waiting in "RSS" that I don't want, I could simply change the status to "Previously Downloaded," and not worry about it anymore. Since I can see that uTorrent keeps a history of all the torrents I've downloaded by RSS, I think this should be relatively uncomplex, but I think this feature would benefit most of the RSS users here who want their torrents downloaded automatically.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

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I know that the last post to this topic was a few years ago but I just started using the RSS feature. I currently use 3.0 and this would make my downloads better, or should I say easier.

and as with the last member thank you for your time.

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