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Can not forward ANY ports - issue for weeks


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##Edit 2##

I just got a green check mark....not to sure how that happened. After forwarding a port, how long should it take before it's "enabled"? I also went into services and disabled vpn client (it was started even though msconfig doens't start it) But right after I did that the green light was on in utorrent...so I don't think it was that. So as of right now, it seems to be working fine. Sorry for wasting anyones time.

've never had this issue before, and am completely stumped as to why this is happening.


-Router: linksys wrt54g2 router (version 1)

-Upgraded firmware

-Firewalls? None, exceptions added to windows even though windows firewall is disabled.

-Virus suite - Symantec Endpoint Protection (also diabled, but shouldn't matter correct?)

-Utorrent version 1.8.3

-ISP = Comcast

-Location = State College PA

Here it goes.......

I have not had a green check mark in utorrent since I moved into my apartment a few weeks ago.

I have a static IP set to (dhcp issues 50 IP's,. so my IP is out of that range) And this problem also is prevalent if I take my default IP which is *.100.

I've gone into application and gaming, and set the port range, filled out my ip, and set to enabled. I went to security and disabled "Block Anonymous Internet Requests"

I've power cycled the modem, and the router. Upgraded the firmware, contacted linksys and Comcast. When I contacted comcast they told me the port I was using is flagged for trojan something or other...he was giving me a BS reason. I've even gone as far as forwarding port 1-65535 for my computers IP.

Whenever I use the Utorrent port checker, it says it's blocked, whehter I specify a single port, or a range of ports (ALL OF THEM!!!).

I've also downloaded a port sniffer...says every single port is blocked (including 25 and 80...which might be because they're in use?)

I'm truly and utterly stumped.....I've scoured google hours on end for weeks and this is my last resort.....I don't know why or how this is happening.

Any insight would be immensely appreciated.

If there is any information I failed to provide, please let me know...but I believe I hit everything that would matter.


just trying to get out as much information as possible.

I do not have any other programs that alter my network besides a cicsco vpn client (used for penn state). It's never ever ever in use, and is disabled in startup.

My msconfig is set to currently only initialize Symantec, ATI, Sound Manager, Intel process tray, and ctfmon(wtf is this btw?), and a printing executable. Only 6 selected items in msconfig.

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Did you try to disable it when using utorrent? Doesn't Symantec Endpoint protection has a firewall included?


To be honest: Even if you disable endpoint protection, it will still run in background and intercept anything it not likes. The best way to test would be to uninstall it completely and run utorrent again. If it not works then its for sure not SymEndPointProt.

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