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Utorrent and Windows 7 issues...speed problems


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I've got some problems with running uTorrent on Windows7 x64 bits ,problems I didn't have with Windows XP or Vista( i had only x86 bits versions)

After I start uTorrent, speeds great around 200KB/s and up to 5MB/s(40mb/s) .

After about 5-15 minutes or so the downloads and uploads in utorrent areslowing to 10-50 KB/s until they all stop.Sometimes they start again...

Any clues?Thanks.

LE : Seems last build of µTorrent 1.8.4 didn`t fix this issue...since my post I formated and installed last build,but with same old problem.


LE : 1.8.1 build 12639 works fine for me with disk cache disabled(I am getting again dl speeds up to 10MB/s and up up to 7,5MB/s).WOOT

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