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seed based on need, not based ratio


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Let's say I'm seeding 10 files. Forget how much I have uploaded for each file individually; look at all the files and determine where the need is greatest. If 3 of those files have few seeds (relative to peers) and 7 of them have plenty of uploaders, concentrate on the 3.

Also files with a small number of seeds should be given some priority over files that have large numbers of seeds/peers.

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advanced options? they are already true, doesn't seem to help.

Was my example not clear? Forget my upload ratio on any individual file. Assume I am seeding n files, but only n-m are ACTIVE at any one time. Look at all the files being seeded as a group. Of all the files, which ones are in the greatest NEED of seeds? Seed those.

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May I suggest a 'seed needed' alert option.

Would it be practicable/possible to provide for user initiation of a 'current active torrent status' check on relavent active torrents, for which previously downloaded torrent files remain available in one's 'completed' torrent list.

This feature would allow potential seeders to easily locate a currently 'seedless' torrent and join in a torrent feed when needed, to assist downloaders who are 'stuck', (as we all have been at some time) waiting for considerable time to complete a download.

Perhaps a waiting time such as 1- 2 hours should be used as the criteria to define a 'stuck' torrent thereby initiating the alert function

Perhaps an incentive reward of bonus 'ratio' adjustment could be provided for clearing 'seedless torrents (a luxury).

The addition of this function would allow 'community minded' torrent users, (sometimes with very limited resources) to apply their resources in the most efficient way, providing a welcome relief for those in need.

I am aware that there may be security/ privacy issues involved making it impossible or unwise to provide such a facility - these are matters on which I have no knowledge.

Hope this is helpful.


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