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Windows 7 64bit slow Download Speeds


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Need some technical help here

Just installed Windows7 64 bit and now utorrent cant download above 40-50kb/s where as before I was getting 700-800kb/s and sometimes 1.2mb/s

I have forwarded ports, allowed connections in my firewall (comodo) and adjusted speeds in the setup to realistically match what I can manager.

I tried downloading the same torrent on my desktop(windows 7) and my 7yr old laptop(XP) and the downloads were as above

Desktop 40-50 kb/s at best average more likely around 20

Laptop 700-800 kb/s

Any help greatly appreciated, this is really bugging me!



I have now resolved this issue... I have swapped comodo for AVG Internet Security and also downloaded uTorrent 2.0 beta and all speeds are now restored...

This has also resolved a shutdown issue I was having as well as so that was nice!


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