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New drive, extremely slow recheck


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Today I installed a new drive and started copying things over. Everything was going fine until I told uTorrent to recheck the files....

First of all, the PC locks up every few seconds when rechecking, for a second, then continues. I thought this was odd, but left it to it and came back around 4 hours later. It had only rechecked 2.5% of 482mb!

I have watched the CPU usage, and it shows normal (around 8% usage) until it locks, then straight after the lock it hits 100% and then dies back down to normal again.

The drive is a Western Digital 500gb (WD5000AAKS) drive connected through a Pluscom VT6421A.

Any ideas where I have gone wrong? :)


Okay, it might be not be a utorrent problem. :$ I was just copying some files over and it kept locking up the same as when rechecking.

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I received the drive (new) on Thursday and in installed it yesterday (Saturday).

There is a possibility it could have been damaged in the post etc but I cannot really complain until I am sure. Is there anything else that could be wrong? Any kind of program I can run it through?

It is the first SATA drive I have owned, so could be something I have done wrong maybe?

Thanks! :)

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