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.torrent files will not download


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Since I came to college, I've had nothing but trouble with torrents. At first, it didn't work at all (I could connect to the torrents, but nothing would download). Then, my torrents suddenly began working (the same torrents that wouldn't work for a month suddenly all started downloading). Now, I can't even connect to the torrents. When I go to, say, Mininova, and click the link to start the torrent, I'll get the download box. I'll click save, and my download box will open, but the torrent never starts downloading. It never even makes it into uTorrent, now.

There's somebody on the next floor up who is torrenting without a problem, so I'm pretty sure it isn't our network screwing me over. Any ideas of what's going on? I haven't changed anything about how my internet or antivirus or anything are set up.

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