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Some quick questions about the behaviour of UTorrent.

1. I like how utorrent can now read torrent automatically from a directory, but why have them move them out of the directory or rename them? Wouldn't it be easier for everyone to have them set a folder as the location of their .torrents? Have UTorrent read from there, save torrents there, and not rename them or move them to some other folder?

This would let people have a utorrent directoy, and keep it nice and clean, not have it messed up with all the .torrent files.

2. Any chance of adding a web interface, a-la rufus/g3torrent? Its uber handy and wouldnt take up that much more space and with an option to turn off and on it wouldnt take up more more memory. Its really the one thing keeping me from using utorrent as my default client at home. It is my default at work thou..:")


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