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utorrent not working


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I used to have BitTorrent and it worked fine for a while,but it quit working>said my firewall/router limiting traffic/port not open.At the time I didn't know much about all that stuff,so I just got another program(Utorrent)It worked fine for a while,now the same crap!

I have multiple firewalls on my computer-I disabled them all!

I use the anti-virus software Embarq gave me-I changed the settings to allow Utorrent through!

I use the EQ660R MODEM-Embarq said it's not a router,but the sticker on the bottom says: ROUTER

I have tried to open ports on my modem,but I still get the yellow and red triangle!

I know the port used for incoming connections,but what ranges do I put in for Utorrent?


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