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Files repeatedly missing 2.0 with Windows 7


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Hi all,

I'm running a fresh install of W7 Enterprise 32 bit (90 day trial) and I'm having some trouble with uTorrent 2.0 Build 16850.

The first is a minor annoyance, but maybe there's some way to fix it. With the old uTorrent running on XP, I had it set up to let me choose the download folder. When I grabbed a torrent for an individual file it would give me the normal "save as" dialog, and with a torrent that was in a folder it would give me the list of folders and I would just choose the root folder. Now it seems that I always get the "save as" dialog, and uTorrent removes the torrent's folder. For example if I'm downloading a show that would come in a folder with RARs and a sample, if I choose to put the download in my "shows" folder, the RARs are just scattered in the folder. I have to manually create a new folder - is there any way to get around this?

the second and bigger problem is that I've been finding that if I quit uTorrent in the middle of a torrent and start back up, the program can no longer see the files it was downloading. My downloads go into red X status, and i get a popup saying "Files missing from job. please recheck" when I say "Open Containing Folder" the !UT file is right there, waiting. They don't seem to be able to reconnect, and the only way i can restart the torrent is to delete it from the list, re-add it, and point it at the file I was downloading before.

Dose UT 2.0b have issues with Windows 7? Or is the problem between the chair and keyboard?

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I also have W7 Enterprise 32 bit (90 day trial), and experienced the "Files missing from job. please recheck" error. My situation is such that I added a hdd for the W7 install, and wanted to use my torrents from my Vista installation (now available as a dual boot option), so I found the following post and applied what fit for me.

It is, of course, possible that the error is ubiquitous/generic, but editing the resume.dat file fixed the error. -Coda

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