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Not connection to trackers???

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I have the latest beta build of µTorrent....

If I use it to download a file, it refuses to connect to any trackers.. it just says offline.

UPnP is working 100% and the port forward check works

If I use BitComet to download, it connects just fine (UPnP as well)


It didn't use to happen....

Needless to say, I only get peers via DHT and download speeds are sh!t...

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OK, yeah I have 421.. right now its not connecting to trackers

Going to download 422 right now and check it out with the same files.

change log does not mention it:

--- 2006-02-11: Version 1.4.1-beta (build 422)

- Feature: Propagate encryption support through PEX

- Feature: Choose what happens on double click in torrent list

- Feature: Show a special message if utorrent crashes while NOD32 is active.

- Change: Use UTF-8 instead of utf-8 in created torrents.

- Change: Min autodetected piecesize is now 64k.

- Change: Remember last active RSS page.

- Fix: Better support for adjusted computer clock.

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