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sys.enable_wine_hacks suggestion


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Since we're not going to see a Linux port anytime soon, perhaps we can make some suggestions for the wine_hacks advanced option?

When I restore µTorrent from the system tray, or 'unminimize' from my window-list/panel/taskbar, it redraws the window every time (and pretty slowly).

It does not do this if I just leave the window up & simply switch to another currently running application & switch back to µTorrent. Only when it is minimized or sent to the tray.

This behavior is not needed especially since µTorrent tends to use the same amount of RAM whether it is running in the foreground or background through WINE. It may also cause memory spikes or even crashes if there is a lot for the window to redraw.

So my question is can the window redraws be curbed through the wine_hacks option or would this be a WINE specific flaw?

Also I am using µTorrent 2.0 beta build 16850, using WINE version 1.1.31 on Linux Mint 6 (equivalent to Ubuntu 8.10 "Intrepid")

Thank you for reading & your consideration.

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